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Posts From April, 2009

Century ride to see fledborough viaduct 

Posted by Lee Wakefield Saturday, April 11, 2009 9:29:38 PM

Did a 104 mile ride today, mostly on unclassified roads and part of a rail path near Lincoln

Total distance on computer: 104 miles, Avg speed: 17.5mph, total ascent: 2200ft

There are proposals to extend the existing sustrans path to the west of Lincoln by about 5 miles and for it to cross the river trent using the spectacular 59 arch fledborough viaduct.   I went out to see the viaduct and took some pictures of it and also pictures of some other sections of the track bed from the road bridges.

Quest and viaduct

More pictures at

Full route at

More info on fledborough viaduct here:


On the ride I also went to try and see torksey viaduct but it was not visible from the road due to a levee and there were various signs saying private keep out and no trespassing so I did not climb the levee.  My OS map shows a public right of way from which I could see the viaduct but it is on the other side of the river and the nearest road bridge is about 5 miles downstream so I decided to leave that for another day.


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