Mrs My Wife was on call last night. At 4.30 came a call for a chap who had his arm stuck in a conveyor. The Colonial is congenitally unable to resist fiddling with machinery, to his morphological detriment. If you see a man in the Dominions with both arms and both legs and all of his fingers, then he's probably a new immigrant. It follows that Bob Knight - or such of him as isn't still smeared on Abbey Park Leicester - feels relatively at home here.

Accordingly I have deemed it vital - well, int'resting - well, a way to justify my otherwise pathetic existence - to document Mr Knight's attempt at the NZ Hour Record, which is currently held by Robb Simpson inside Miles's Bean:

Flying 200m 9.758 seconds - or 73.79 kph - or 45.85 mph Teretonga Raceway, Southland
1st May 1993
Hour 49.987 km Denton Velodrome, Hornby, Christchurch

15th June 1994
It was with the very same Bean that Pat Kinch had set the hour record of 75.575 km back in 1989. Robb essentially went at the same pace for 200m, as Pat did for one whole hour.
(Pinched, without troubling myself to ask his permission, from Paul Dunlop, KiwiHPV Hon. Sec.)

I shall endeavour to update these notes regularly and it remains to be seen which of us gets bored first.

The ensuing frantic rash of information is because Mr Knight has already been a-building in his shed, egged on and closely advised by The Heroic Moi as Chief Advisor and Senior Important Person. (Those of you who know Mr Knight will recall that he is unmotivated, of low IQ, has lamentable standards of craftsmanship, a very poor and feeble grasp of bicycle mechanics, and only really exists as a set of muscles. I very kindly make up for all these deficiencies by urging him on.)
Friday, May 15, 2009 11:15:51 AM
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