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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 12:48:00 PM

I started this project in 1994 when I was still at school, looking for a better way to commute the 5 miles to school. The bike has gone through several variations, initially starting off as a bike that would fit into a backpack. I liked to smallness of the Brompton but it looked like something a Granny would ride to market. The bike then changed from a upright to a recumbent after I saw a leaning FWD trike in Lancaster one year. The bike was made up into a very crude complete bike to test my folding sequence. It still folds into a backpack sized package - but is slowly being made into a everyday bike when money allows the various one off pieces to be made.

First Prototype fork

I don't like the twisting chain designs so I set about designing a solution that avoided any torque steer and chain twist



Newly machined fork - still needs a little bit of work to reduce weight - used a canti-drive hub

New Fork

New Fork

Front View

Complete Drive System


Virtual Bike in Solidworks


Updated the CADCAM model to show to bb arrangement - will be using this setup in the streamliner too - bb width is 50mm. Have also found a suitable CNC company and the rest of my components are being machined.

Aluminium has been shipped off - been told it will be a week to produce the parts for the swingarm




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