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Friday, May 15, 2009 11:23:13 AM

I am in receipt of the following email from Mr Knight:

I've been busy tonight. The detailed design doc is to scale and will be exactly what the finished thing will look like. Probably.

Members may recall Mr Knight dandling his two-year-old at Leicester, in the brief hour before he was unable to dandle two-year-olds owing to his suffering a mishap, which I will not describe in case it raises horrid and painful memories. (He fell off. He fell right off on a corner and flew through the air at 35 mph landing with a mighty crash and absolutely, completely skinning himself, whereafter he took to wearing those crocodile skin thingies that you put on your elbows, not that this would have helped because it wasn't his elbows wot got skinned.) That toddler is now an inquisitive eight-year-old and, I am told, needs labels attaching to Mr Knight's lathe to stop him fiddling with the cross-slide settings. Members will further guess, correctly, that Master Knight is named Louis. (I like to call him Lewis because I happen to know for an actual fact that this winds his parents up.)
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