Driver stupidity is a factor that we prefer to ignore but shouldn't. Rob Hague, I vaguely recall, was once arrested and interrogated for assaulting a woman in a Range Rover from the safety of his Greenspeed Trike. - Don't try this at home, because if you attack a Range Rover while seated in a Greenspeed Trike the Range Rover might win. Rob Hague, of course, is sixteen feet tall and weighs eight hundred pounds and has the Speaker's Mace, in iron and twice as big, attached to his wrist so when he assaults a Range Rover the woman in the Range Rover comes off worst and has to go crying to the Police about the matter. (Actually it is possible I have made a mistake: it is possible that the Range Rover Assaulted Rob Hague, but swift reporting by the woman driving the senselessly oversized vehicle seemed to have prejudiced the Police's views on the matter. And maybe Rob Hague isn't as big and threatening as I've made him out to be.)

Anyway, John got knocked off his bike going to school today. Stationary in the middle of the road about to turn right; woman coming onto the road from the left didn't see him through the pillar of her windscreen. She was horrified and brought him home uninjured, with slight munting to the bike, but the derailleur hanger's bent and the derailleur may be and his saddle's thoroughly scraped and so's the rear rack and the pannier was all scrunched up and busted inside and his rucksac (inside the pannier) has a busted strap clip. I now have to persuade the Police to take no action against her, because I can't see that it would do any good. She was very contrite and volunteered to make good all damage, and I think she was just mighty relieved he wasn't hurt.

As I say, driver error is something we need to allow for, at least until I am given authority to control motor vehicle driver licensing with a .303.
Tuesday, May 19, 2009 1:20:33 AM Categories: bike crash
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