There is a wealth of Human Power related information on the Internet. Much of this information is produced by the BHPC and on these pages we will attempt to bring together as much of that as possible in one place.

The BHPC organise a series of races each year, and in turn with other members of the IHPVA, organise a world championship event. Links to the results of these can be found in the panel on the right.

The BHPC Magazine is a quarterly publication and available either by joining the club, or individually using the shop. Thanks to Dave Larrington, we have been able to make available scanned copies of many of the older issues for download.

We also hold an mirror of the IHPVA's  journal Human Power complete with index.

Over the next few weeks we will also be updating our links pages which you will find here. Feel free to submit any links you think we should add.

Finally for those of you looking for something to help you sleep, click here to download the current BHPC constitution (updated following the 2010 AGM).

World Championships