Young Robert hath been busy. He hath been a-planking. (You may plank, in New Zealand: it is a verb. It is probably a verb in Engerland too, whereas Farewell is only a verb in New Zealand. 'Parliament farewelled Helen Clark' said the radio when she went off to be somethingorother in the UN.)

I have very nearly finished planking the thing with just about three planks left to do. I gave up for the night however because
a) it is cold in my garage in the evenings now
b) I've had enough for one night
c) I need to remind myself what my family looks like again.

Ingress is effected by his having pre-thought of the problem, and allowing two adjacent bulkheads, I think the plan was. I have to admit to admiring anyone who can pre-think of problems. Anyway, he then made an incision and lifted a lid out for the doorway, and I presume he has some Cunning Sch. up his sleeve to put it back on when he's inside. I am not yet privy to this scheme but you may depend the spies are out.

I'll be glad to get it finished because it really has proved to be a tedious operation; each plank consumes 30 minutes and there are lots of planks, I haven't counted them yet but I will tomorrow. I've needed to do a big push this week so that I can ride it with the fairing on tomorrow. I figure I will need at least two weekends inside the thing to gain some practice. I intend to use the road to Ashley Gorge (north bank) since it is long, flat(ish) only has a mildly shite surface, and most importantly is very quiet. I'll probably not have the cut out for the neck and arms done so I'll ride it topless tomorrow. I'll make a quick crappy nosecone prior to the ride. It will also be a good check that I can get it in the car. It's 2.6 metres and if I remove seats and things it should fit. Unfortunately we're meant to get the Nor' Wester tomorrow which is a bit of a bugger. I may need to get out early before it starts. Hefting it around in my garage, I've been surprised by the weight, it's a bit lardy now. Still, not too many hills at Trafalgar Park. - Bob

And here's the view from the cockpit:
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