Raven Streamliner

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 1:18:54 PM

Really really wanted a fully faired bike or trike and finally got a chance to own a Paul Davies Trike. Built the Trike and when I placed the trike in the shell I had knee clearance issues, I modified the trike to suit and did ride the Trike around a bit at the Worlds in Brighton but managed to break the seat and support brackets on the Trike. Gave the whole bike/trike thing a break for a while as every step I made I seemed to create more problems. I modified the screen to allow my knees to clear but by this point I knew that if I wanted to go really fast it would have to be on 2 wheels and I seem to get more of a kick from the designing and building than the riding. I began work a long and low streamliner plug very similar in appearance to the critical power HPV built by Greg Kolodziejzyk but using a larger rear fin. Doing some research a lot of people were building the same kind of teardrop long and low HPV. Then I saw the article on the Kingsbury's Mango and I scrapped the original plug. I liked the concept of a racing cyclist position rotated and a short and very small streamliner. Lots of potential for variation in design and a bit different to what everyone was/is doing.

Played about on the computer creating shapes and making small models from styrofoam. I settled on a basic concept and knowing from past experience that making the screens can be difficult I searched ebay and bought a motobike fairing screen to work around. I then printed out some templates and made a MDF skeleton frame and inserted Polystyrene into the gaps between the MDF. The MDF framework then gave me a guideline to run a hot wire cutter around. I then covered this with fibreglass and began to add car body filler. Two jobs and two house moves and poor weather kept pushing my 12 month deadline further and further back.

Roof Chop 

Nearly complete

Testing to fit

Hope I still fit inside


Length: 70 inches = 177cm

Width: 17.5 inches = 44cm

Height 39 inches = 99cm


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