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We’re the British Human Power Club – home of the British HPV community

Human Powered Vehicles – anything you can ride on or in provided it’s powered by legs, arms, or just sheer ingenuity

Bikes then?
Bikes, of course, but there’s so much more – trikes, velomobiles, handcycles, pedalboats

Tell me more!
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If you’re already a seasoned HPVer you probably want the Pro section
(under construction)

Build it…

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BHPC’s own guide by legendary bike designer Mike Burrows
Only £6.00

Ride it…

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Race it…

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  • hillingdon oct 22 004
  • hillingdon oct 22 134
  • hillingdon oct 22 024
The 2023 racing season is now over.
See you in 2024!
We will be hosting the WHPVA world championships in August

Then relax and do some…


Uploads from velo-ads

VeloAds channel
created by BHPC member John Williams

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LordHostis channel
created by BHPC member David L’Hostis

Uploads from Laidback Bike Report

Laidback Bike Report channel
created by Gary Solomon


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LaidBack Cyclist – published quarterly by BHPC. Back copies (Issues 81-150) available to buy from the BHPC Shop.

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EuSupino – a free eMagazine published annually by the European Human Powered Vehicle Association

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